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Living Sky Alpacas
Rhonda Bomberak & Wayne Dingle
Box 306 Melville, SK SOA 2PO
Ph: 306-728-6971

About Us

Living Sky Alpacas and we went through some big changes in May of 2012. We had two llama/alpaca cross animals and then unfortunately one passed on over the rainbow. We decided that we should find the one left (Dee) a new companion. In our search that is when we met Keith and Eileen Molder who owned Living Sky Alpacas who raised Peruvian, Bolivian and Chilean descendents with excellent conformation, a calm manner and good fiber characteristics.

We purchased a white male alpaca with a brown spot on his left from Keith and Eileen to be Dee's new buddy. At which time, Keith stated that they wanted to sell and retire. We took him home in the back seat of the truck, named him Cash. He was 10 months old, so small and cute, we fell in love with him. Him and Dee got along great and now are inseparable. We discussed the fact of getting more alpacas, they are neat animals and easy to take care of.

When we approached Keith and Eileen they had seven alpacas left. After several discussions, we decided to purchase Living Sky Alpacas, the equipment they had left and the seven alpacas. So we started our alpaca adventure with owning Dee and Cash, purchasing two fawn colored males, three pregnant white females and two white maiden alpacas. . In 2013, we were blessed with three beautiful white cria babies. One white male sired by Snowmass Quechua's Shahtoosh. One white females and one white male sired by Murono. We then bred our females to L.S. Thunder for our 2014 babies. In 2014, L.S. Thunder sired three beautiful medium fawn males and one beautiful light fawn female. We did not breed to have cria's in 2015 for we decided to take time to learn more about alpacas and work with the five new babies we had in the past couple of years. At the present time we have 16 alpacas on our farm which consists of two white male, five fawn male alpacas, one white gelded male, six white females, one fawn female alpaca and on